Important Dates


Online: April 6 - April 27, 2024


May 13th - Junior - Burley 1. Group 1 5:30-6:45, Group 2 6:45-8pm

May 13th - Youth - Burley 2, Group 1 5:30- 6:45, Group 2  6:45 -8pm

May 14th - Teen - Burley 2 6-7:15pm 

All new players and those moving division are expected to attend. (ie: moving from T-ball to Junior,  Junior to Youth, OR Youth to Teens).  Phone calls start May 11th. 

Start date: TBD  

Playoffs:  TBD (Junior, Youth & Teen Only)

T-Ball Year End Celebration: TBD

Banquet (Junior, Youth & Teen Only): TBD

Regular Season Schedule

To be posted at later date. Games are played Tuesday and Thursday evenings with some possible reschedule games occurig on Sunday evenings. 

 Playoff Schedule

To be posted at later date